Who designs these things…

IMG_5409.JPGSo today Logan told me that his carpet in his bedroom was wet. After much searching, we found out that under his tub has been leaking for a while now. Well since the weather here has been below freezing we have been letting the water drip. Well, all that water has just been soaking up into Logan’s carpet.  So I called Dillon and told him we had a leak and they let him come home and see what was going on.  There is a tiny little access hole with the toilet set right in front of it. So we had to tear down the whole wall in front of the tub. It’s still, not the easiest thing to reach. We managed to figure out that they cross threaded the dang thing and we now get to replace all that good stuff.

But my here is my question who designs these things? Lets the put the toilet in front of the access hole for the tub. Lets put the little corners in that are impossible to sweep. Let’s not put a silverware drawer or a closet bar in the back bedroom. I personally think its someone who never swept, or had a water leak in a tight spot behind a toilet. I clean the dang thing but gah who wants to hug a toilet? Also, who built the dang thing? Who was in charge of sewing down the all the stuff? This makes the fourth thing we have have had to fix in this camper we have had less than 6 months.

A great debate…

A bunkhouse for the kids or a large living room for everyone?

Ok, so it wasn’t much of a debate for us. We already had a bunkhouse and we both like the way Logan had his own space. However, we know a lot of the people on our crew that have small children that like us are on the road full time. They decided to only have the one bedroom and large living room.  So we did have a small discussion on it, in the end, we both agreed that the bunkhouse was definitely a must for us! 

I don’t have a clue how they do it, I’d go insane! I love being able to tell Logan to take his toys to HIS  room! I get the appeal of the large living room, it’s lots of open space! BUT [and it’s a big but], it’s going to be filled with toys, your going to have to make up a bed for them every night, and put it away every morning. There goes any kind of late night tv watching or cleaning or in my case quilting or blogging!

Yes, my living room and kitchen are smaller. Everything is scrunched together but, we each have our own space and decorate it however we want! I love Star Wars [thats where Logan gets it from] but I do not want my living room decorated in it! Logan also gets to string legos from one in of his room to the next, even if I am cooking or have someone over. When all the kids come over I love sending them all to Logan’s room to hang out so they are out of my hair! 

It is hard for me to tell Logan that he can’t have something because there is no place for it. Luckily with his own room and bathroom, I don’t have to worry about it very often! 

Another perk is having a half or full bathroom. OMG I love that we have two bathrooms! you should see peoples faces when we show or tell them about the second bathroom.

So just ask your self this question… do you like to yell “GO TO YOUR ROOM!”?

This is the bunkhouse in the new camper. It is still a work in progress.

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Here is the old camper. It was right before we traded it and bare so forgive me for that.

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It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! (Cheering like a teenager)
We get to go pick up our new camper! I’ve packed and cleaned for two weeks. I’ve been wearing the same pair of shoes and the same couple of outfits (yes they were clean). We have been eating frozen food, off paper plates, with plastic forks… I know, I know…shame on me. (Sorry, not sorry!) So let me tell you, I’m beyond ready to get our new camper!

But let’s start this day from the very beginning!

5:37 AM: I woke up to pouring rain, and decided to go back to sleep.

7:00 AM: Dillon’s alarm goes off! We get up and get ready to move the camper. YES, it’s still pouring! Poor Dillon he’s getting soaked!

7:50 AM: DRIP….DRIP….DRIP… What the heck… OMG, great our camper is leaking! That’s good for trade-in-value, right?

9:07 AM: We are pulling out! Fun Town RV bound! I can barely contain my excitement. I’m talking Dillon’s ear off!IMG_3384

11:35 AM: BANG… What the… OMG, a blowout! Dillon “Did you take the tools out?” Me “Well…Yea I took the tools out, I moved everything out.” Luckily there was only a little damage from the blowout! We dropped the camper in a large parking lot and went to Walmart.

[Quick question! Why is the Walmarts in Texas so much prettier than Oklahoma and Arkansas?]

12:48 PM: Tires fixed up with the spare and we’re finally leaving McKinney, Tx. Yay! “Just Think positive, Just think positive!” (Singing that to the tune of Dory’s Just keep swimming)


1:32 PM: BANG…Are you serious… ugh another blowout, this time downtown Dallas and there is nowhere to just pull over.IMG_3389

1:48 PM: We have found a tire shop. King Wheel and Tire. Great group of guys! They got us on the road again in no time at all.

3:04 PM: We made it to Fun Town!  Whew! “Wait, what do you mean our jacks won’t go down? Omg! How can we get a new camper if we can’t get this one off the truck?” Ok, it wasn’t that bad we just blew a fuse. I’m really beginning to think that we should maybe just keep Sierra, she obviously doesn’t want to go!

5:39 PM: We finally got our new camper, and we’re leaving the lot! Sorry, Sierra, but you had to go! “Maybe we can just have a quiet ride home.”

7:08 PM: Well sure navigator lady we would love a to drive downtown Dallas! “OMG, D please tell me we can fit under that bridge?” Well, we fit under 13′ 9″ but just barely. Ugh, can it all please stop now!IMG_3400

So I’ve decided it’s the dang pennies, that I picked up last night after the races. I put into my pocket this morning. (I’m not normally so superstitious but at this point, I’m willing to give anything a go!) So I threw them out the window of the truck with a random dime that I also picked up today! I’M DONE!

9:30 PM: We have made it! [Kissing the muddy ground at our RV site!] Again poor Dillon, he does the outside stuff while I work inside! (I promise it’s always been that way) Lucky for him we splurged for that automatic leveling system! Now, where on earth did I put our sheets and pillows? Oh, my it’s going to be a busy night!


Yes! All this really happened. Trust me, I’m not that good at making stuff up. Although after getting rid of the pennies we didn’t have anything else go wrong. Also sorry for the bad iPhone photos, I buried my camera in the trailer before deciding to start my blog!

[Random thought: Fun Town RV wasn’t really that much fun. And I now have a lot of work to do.]

So pardon my language (it won’t happen too often) but it’s been a trade-in-day from Hell!

Hurts My Feelers….

So we have decided to get a new camper, [I never should have told Dillon he could get a dirt car if we got a new camper] and now he expects to get a dirt car. But that’s a story for another day! I  had the Heartland Oakmont picked out for a just in case kinda thing. A girl can dream, right?  Together we found the Heartland Sundance and, we all like a little better! But this story is about my poor little feelers. 

I’ve gotten almost everything packed and moved into the storage truck. Everything inside is so bare; the walls, cabinets, and closets. As I look around I have come to the conclusion, it doesn’t even look like our camper anymore. I can see our memories; all the water fights over the tiny shower stall, cooking/burning everything in our tiny crap stove, cramming food every week into our tiny fridge, meals, and homework at our tiny kitchen table, and all the times’ everyone crammed onto our big bed for a movie.IMG_3357

I’m really going to miss this place. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m totally excited to be getting a new camper that fits us better. I just feel like we have lived our whole lives in this camper although it’s only been four years. We have definitely embraced the traveling lifestyle and made this camper our home. As I’m typing my eyes are watering and I’ve almost decided to back out of getting a new camper….. OK, so I’m not even close to backing out of getting a new camper, but it sounded good!

Camper living is not easy and it is not for everyone, but we’re glad to be out here together as a family and seeing new places.

It was a tough choice! New camper and the payment that goes with it or our old/needs work camper and no payment! In the end, we decided we have enough projects going and it was just time to get a new one. I think it was just the fact that he wanted a race car.

I’m really looking forward into making our new camper look and feel like home!

P.S. These pictures are from right before we took it to trade it in. All traces of our decorating and taste is gone. That is not our bedspread! YUCK!!