Who designs these things…

IMG_5409.JPGSo today Logan told me that his carpet in his bedroom was wet. After much searching, we found out that under his tub has been leaking for a while now. Well since the weather here has been below freezing we have been letting the water drip. Well, all that water has just been soaking up into Logan’s carpet.  So I called Dillon and told him we had a leak and they let him come home and see what was going on.  There is a tiny little access hole with the toilet set right in front of it. So we had to tear down the whole wall in front of the tub. It’s still, not the easiest thing to reach. We managed to figure out that they cross threaded the dang thing and we now get to replace all that good stuff.

But my here is my question who designs these things? Lets the put the toilet in front of the access hole for the tub. Lets put the little corners in that are impossible to sweep. Let’s not put a silverware drawer or a closet bar in the back bedroom. I personally think its someone who never swept, or had a water leak in a tight spot behind a toilet. I clean the dang thing but gah who wants to hug a toilet? Also, who built the dang thing? Who was in charge of sewing down the all the stuff? This makes the fourth thing we have have had to fix in this camper we have had less than 6 months.

A Little Cabin In The Woods…

In order to explain me and the name, I choose I’ll tell you a little bit about our cabin. It really is a little [tiny] cabin in the woods! Dillon, Logan, and I needed a place to stay when we have our days off! 

{We love you Nannie and Papa D and we appreciate all your hospitality but we needed our own space and so do Y’all!}


Dillon really wanted a great place to hunt. [he could have slept in a deer blind for all he cared]  Now don’t get me wrong, he wanted us to have somewhere nice/safe to stay, but when you’re on the road 85% of the year, it’s hard to maintain and pay for an empty castle! So we settled on a nice piece of land [of course it is good hunting] and we decided on a DIY tiny home!


Since we’re normally on 10 days on 4 days off schedule, we needed something that could be dried in and fast! So we chose a 14×40 Bald Eagle Barn, had it delivered and began building the inside. It’s not done yet [it’s been a slow process] but it’s got water, sewer, electricity, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and a loft room for Logan. We still lack quite a few things in finishing it but we are able to stay in it when we get lucky enough to go home. 

Here is a small slideshow of our hard work.

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I love to move around and traveling with Dillon is easy for me, however, I do like to have roots! I like to have a place where we can go and know that we are welcome. Where we know at least 50% of the people and where we don’t have to play the guessing game for restaurants. I love having that in Arkansas. 

IMG_20150527_181700Occasionally we get those jobs we’re D has to work 5 on 2 off. So being 5 hours or more away just doesn’t make it worth the drive to go home. I occasionally get terribly homesick: I [always] miss my best friend, our dirt roads, our creek, and not having a neighbor within spitting distance. [not that I spit on my neighbors] I love traveling but I also love having a home to miss! 

creek-2.jpgOur lil‘ creek is just down the road from our cabin.  We spend a lot of our summer evenings there with our friends and family.



We are totally redneck by the way here is a picture of us going through the culverts when the creek was just right. It was a great day at the creek. Since then they did some work to it and you can’t go through them anymore.